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Discover Dr. Lee's Approach to Exceptional Patient Care at Shift Clinic

At shift, owner and chiropractor Dr. Moses Lee knows the significance of understanding and adhering to the law to ensure the safety and protection of his patients. There are several keyways in which the law comes into play in this context. By working with Robert Bradley Lim, the Co-founder of De Novo Law Corporation, Dr. Lee understands his legal responsibilities as both a chiropractor and a business owner, equipping him with the tools to provide his patients with the utmost care needed in his profession.


First and foremost, it is essential to be up to date in the regulations and licensing requirements that govern the practice of chiropractic care in your jurisdiction. This includes maintaining proper credentials, following professional standards of care, and staying up to date on any changes or updates to relevant laws.


Additionally, legal considerations such as patient confidentiality and informed consent are paramount in safeguarding your patients' rights and privacy. Dr. Lee ensures that he has clear policies in place regarding the handling of patient information and obtaining consent for treatment can help prevent legal issues down the line.


Further, Dr. Lee maintains robust practice liability insurance coverage which is vital for protecting both his business and his patients in the event of any unforeseen accidents or claims of malpractice. By having the appropriate insurance policies in place, he can mitigate financial risks and ensure that his patients are adequately covered in unforeseen circumstances.


At Shift Clinic, Dr. Lee protects his patients by informing them about legal requirements, maintaining high standards of care, and prioritizing patient safety and protection. By relying on the legal expertise of Robert Bradley Lim from De Novo Law Corporation, Dr. Lee can focus his attention on doing what he does best - delivering exceptional chiropractic care to his clients.


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