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Our mission at shift is to help members find relief so they can get back to doing the things they love, whether it be keeping up with their kids, running a marathon, or managing work conditions. Let's shift!

chiropractic room inside shift clinic


For each new client, Dr. Mo's goal is to ensure the physical and mental comfort of all of his patients. This means clear lines of communication, articulating the types of treatment prior to care, alongside gentle and painless corrections. Patients are expected to voice their thoughts openly and we encourage it. Patients have expressed how much they appreciate the open communication and comfort when visiting Dr. Mo.

Gentle and Painless

A first-time visit to the Chiropractor can be a daunting and scary process. But it doesn't have to be! Dr. Mo specializes in gentle and painless examinations, corrections, and care. Licensed chiropractors are equipped with many techniques and tools. Techniques vary from small hand held tools that perform extremely gentle corrections to chiropractic tables that move with the patient to gently stretch joints and muscles. Come visit and experience first hand Dr. Mo’s motto - “Less is Mo!”

Dr. Moses' running medals
chiropractic waiting area in Cloverdale


We recognize that every patient and their health journey is different. Dr. Mo's goal is to help patients clearly understand all of the treatment options that are available for treating tissue health, injury, or reducing pain. No two patients are the same.

For each patient, Dr. Mo creates a detailed, individualized care plan, depending on their lifestyle and physical demands. Customized maintenance and recovery plans ensure patients have natural, non-invasive treatments that are catered for their own bodies and no one else’s.

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